Our programmes are varied day to day and week to week.

They have been developed to get the best out of each child and are tailored each day to suit the groups age, abilities and likes.

At the beginning of the day/week each child will be sorted into a house team and in each session will have the opportunity to earn their house points. At the end of every day and week the winning team will be announced and any stand out team member will get a shout-out and certificate to take home.

Arts & Crafts

Our arts and crafts activities range from colouring and painting to papier mache, clay modeling, creating the latest fashion trends, making jewellery or robots and construction challenges.


At Holibobs we love trying new & fun sports as well as encouraging health and fitness from a young age. From all the usual ones like dodgeball, rounders and football, to quiddich, archery, ultimate frisbee and hula-hooping. In all our sports we encourage an environment of healthy competition, however, for those who don't love the running about we always have a crafty activity available too.


Dance and drama aren't just for stage schools. Drama games, acting, creating plays, songs and dancing or cheer-leading are all activities you will find at Holibobs for those who love to dance, sing or act.

Everything else

Some activities just don't fit the mold!

For Example:

weather depending we run 'Wet and Wild' sessions which is usually made up of getting wet and sliding down the water slide - a good way to cool off on a hot day.

Holibobs are the proud owner of GO Karts. This activity includes setting up new tracks and racing for house points.

At the end of a busy week you might find yourself in a Wacky Races, Bin Bag Fashion Show or Disco Session with lots of cheesy dance moves and routines as well as disco party games suitable for all ages.

Themes & Houses

Each week has a different theme to keep the activities varied and fun! from Pirates & under the sea to Magic, superheroes, Witches and Wizards.

Each Week Team houses will be set up and named according to that week's theme. Each child will be sorted into their house on the first day and have the opportunity to gain (or lose!) house points during each activity they participate in.

Developing minds & bodies

All our activities are aimed at your child having fun, making friends and gaining confidence and new skills. Staff will check-in with your child at intervals throughout the day and provide ME time at breaks/lunch and during sessions if necessary to support them.

Holibobs Multi-Activity Ltd have a strict anti-bullying policy and all reports will be fully investigated and dealt with immediately to protect all camp members.

Holibobs Multi-Activity Ltd take children's mental health seriously and all our staff members are trained to recognise and seek/offer appropriate support for any young person who may be in need. Please see our Safeguarding Policy for more information or MIND website for further information on children/teen mental health & available support.

Timeline of a Typical Day

7:30am AM Club drop off & registration

8:30am Standard day drop off and registration

8:45am welcome & icebreakers

9:00am Session 1 (E.G. Go Kart Racing)

10:15am Break, ME Time & snack

10:45am Session 2 (E.G. rounders/football)

12:00pm Lunch

12:30pm whole camp games & challenges

1:00pm Session 3 (E.G. making papier mache masks)

2:15pm Break & snack

2:45pm Session 4 (E.G. drama/dance games or performance)

4:00pm wrap up & final check-in/house cup awards & cool down (or performance time depending on day sessions!)

4:30pm Pick up time for standard day / PM Club begins

5:30 Pick up time for PM Club